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Company M. Cap P/E
Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd56.66B HKD20.219
Huaneng Renewables Corporation Ltd12.28B HKD8.132
Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co Ltd5.35B HKD7.025
Binhai Investment Co Ltd2.07B HKD14.667
China Power International Development Ltd20.52B HKD5.372
SIIC Environment1.20B SGD14.635
Huadian Power International Corporation Ltd5.94B HKD5.552
Yunnan Water Investment Co Ltd1.29B HKD10.986
China Resources Gas Group Ltd66.05B HKD20.068
Huadian Fuxin Energy Corporation Ltd4.68B HKD6.571
Beijing Enterprises Holdings Ltd51.74B HKD8.761
China Power New Energy Development Co Ltd5.97B HKD21.793
Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Co Ltd1.77B HKD17.331
Tianjin Development Holdings Ltd4.69B HKD9.711
Guangdong Investment Ltd72.44B HKD17.587
Xinjiang Tianye Water Saving Irrigation System Co Ltd139.38M HKD19.93
China Resources Power Holdings Co Ltd75.04B HKD8.715
China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Ltd19.14B HKD13.419
China Everbright Water Ltd1.30B SGD20.486
Huaneng Power International Inc.11.69B USD7.583
Huaneng Power International Inc26.18B HKD7.542
CGN Power Co Ltd25.45B HKD14.112
CGN New Energy Holdings Co Ltd4.89B HKD7.3
AVIC International Holding (HK) Ltd2.13B HKD-2.567
China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co Ltd2.40B HKDN/A
China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Ltd3.13B HKD21.044
Datang International Power Generation Co Ltd8.62B HKD-7.769
Tianjin Jinran Public Utilities Co Ltd325.00M HKD28.162
Kunlun Energy Co Ltd62.07B HKD256.333
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