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Company M. Cap P/E
Beijing Enterprises Environment Group Ltd1.85B HKD15.375
CSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering (Group) Co Ltd8.29B HKD15.962
Technovator International Ltd2.02B HKD2.21
Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co Ltd21.00B HKD12.947
Capital Environment Holdings Ltd4.00B HKDN/A
China State Construction International Holdings Ltd58.79B HKD11.696
Far East Global Group Ltd2.37B HKD27.5
China Everbright International Ltd45.28B HKD19.804
CRRC Corporation Ltd30.68B HKD14.483
Dutech Holdings Ltd133.70M SGD5.177
Guangdong Yueyun Transportation Co Ltd1.11B HKD12.6
Hollysys Automation Technologies Ltd.1.09B USD9.913
Shenzhen Expressway Co Ltd5.28B HKD8.05
Nordic Group Ltd161.20M SGD13.667
China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd3.09B HKD2.564
Fuling Global Inc.51.99M USD4.648
Chengdu PUTIAN Telecommunications Cable Co Ltd209.60M HKD-11.352
Shanghai Prime Machinery Co Ltd1.21B HKD9.841
Zhejiang Expressway Co Ltd13.98B HKD12.801
Zhejiang Tengy Environmental Technology Co Ltd250.25M HKD5.632
Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co Ltd1.61B HKD12.805
China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd13.43B HKD6.613
HNA Infrastructure Co Ltd1.52B HKD5.915
China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Ltd12.37B HKD16.005
China Railway Group Ltd27.39B HKD9.897
Beijing Urban Construction Design & Dev Group Co Ltd1.93B HKD12.667
Sunpower Group Ltd527.42M SGD17.769
Dongjiang Environmental Co Ltd2.30B HKD23.215
Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises (Group) Co Ltd2.10B HKD9.238
China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd22.42B HKD9.648
Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Ltd22.45B HKD100.641
Hengxin Technology Ltd133.86M SGD5.716
China Communications Construction Co Ltd48.18B HKD9.523
Beijing Capital International Airport Co Ltd23.34B HKD26.906
Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Ltd9.47B HKD14.425
Chasen Holdings Ltd36.19M SGD-9.8
CHTC Fong's Industries Co Ltd2.26B HKD12.059
Anhui Expressway Co Ltd2.91B HKD9.129
Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd8.01B HKD10.073
China Shipping Development Co Ltd5.61B HKD12.103
Sinotrans Ltd8.09B HKD9.608
Qingdao Port International Co Ltd4.64B HKD8.707
China Fire Safety Enterprise Group Ltd1.67B HKDN/A
Jiangsu Expressway Co Ltd13.44B HKD19.453
MMP Resources13.98M SGD-0.7
Qingling Motors Co Ltd3.25B HKD11.949
Xiamen International Port Co Ltd1.51B HKD13.258
Joyas International Holdings11.48M SGD-0.86
Leader Environmental Technologies Ltd16.66M SGD-6.71
China Advanced Construction Materials Group Inc.5.25M USD-0.242
Yongmao Holdings Ltd55.91M SGD8.947
Shougang Concord Century Holdings Ltd519.21M HKD-2.25
China Communications Services Corporation Ltd10.54B HKD10.918
COSCO SHIPPING Ports Ltd29.13B HKD10.256
China COSCO Holdings Co Ltd11.15B HKD-4.159
CRCC High-Tech Equipment Corporation Ltd1.51B HKD6.836
Jujiang Construction Group Co Ltd158.27M HKD4.483
Nanjing Sample Technology Co Ltd1.10B HKD19.62
Sinotrans Shipping Ltd7.98B HKD-12.807
Dalian Port (PDA) Co Ltd7.38B HKD30.978
China International Holdings Ltd13.06M SGD-0.18
Avic International Maritime Holdings Ltd13.42M SGD-3.337
Sichuan Expressway Co Ltd2.90B HKD7.799
Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co Ltd302.50M HKD4.672
Weichai Power Co Ltd14.90B HKD14.141
Nanjing Panda Electronics Co Ltd1.07B HKD31.989
China Aluminum International Engineering Corp Ltd877.80M HKD7.943
Launch Tech Co Ltd1.76B HKD-33.238
Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Co Ltd214.00M HKD-3.636
Shenzhen International Holdings Ltd27.45B HKD17.636
Hyflux400.49M SGD-17
Harbin Electric Co Ltd2.83B HKD22.692
Shanghai Electric Group Co Ltd10.73B HKD20.854
SINOPEC Engineering (Group) Co Ltd10.55B HKD10.427
China Machinery Engineering Corporation4.89B HKD10.153
COSCO International Holdings Ltd5.04B HKD18.278
NF Energy Saving Corporation6.08M USD-2.966
China Shipping Container Lines Co Ltd6.68B HKD-3.955
Fuwei Films (Holdings) Co. Ltd.9.34M USD-4.1
China Int'l Marine Containers (Group) Co Ltd25.07B HKD-632.566
SGOCO Group Ltd9.20M USD-0.5
Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co Ltd5.66B HKD-176.772
China Recycling Energy Corporation10.89M USD4.226
Northeast Electric Development Co Ltd523.74M HKD-87.953
Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co Ltd1.08B HKD48.201
Shenji Group Kunming Machine Tool Co Ltd351.09M HKD-3.657
China Merchants Port Holdings Co Ltd78.98B HKD20.924
Tianjin Port Development Holdings Ltd8.19B HKD16.625
Chongqing Machinery & Electric Co Ltd1.09B HKD7.799
Qinhuangdao Port Co Ltd2.12B HKD18.414
Dongfang Electric Corporation Ltd2.62B HKD-17.559
First Tractor Co Ltd1.65B HKD20.95
Shanghai Turbo Enterprises Ltd34.61M SGD36.839
World Precision Machinery Ltd90.00M SGD27.958
Ziwo Holdings Ltd12.25M SGD-1.16
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Holdings Ltd5.15B SGD21.565
Cosco705.36M SGD-1.125
Chinasing Investment Holdings Ltd1.69B SGDN/A
Changtian Plastic & Chemical Ltd85.14M SGD-14.572
Sembcorp Industries Ltd5.88B SGD21.933
Courage Marine49.85M SGD-1.201
Hu An Cable18.21M SGD-0.126
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