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Company M. Cap P/E
GF Securities Co Ltd27.37B HKD12.087
DFZQ7.39B HKD10.381
Noah Holdings Ltd.1.57B USD17.917
China Galaxy Securities Co Ltd26.46B HKD9.554
Haitong Securities Co Ltd155.40B HKD11.95
Everbright Securities Co Ltd8.04B HKD9.847
Huatai Securities Co Ltd25.89B HKD14.09
CITIC Securities Co Ltd37.09B HKD14.761
China HGS Real Estate Inc.76.58M USD6.538
Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Ltd8.07B HKD28.241
Starland Holdings28.95M SGD3.008
China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Ltd6.30B HKD11.506
Weiye Holdings Ltd104.93M SGD6.175
Chiwayland International Ltd101.29M SGD-37.967
Central China Securities Co Ltd5.01B HKD16.794
China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd255.27B HKD6.28
China Cinda Asset Management Co Ltd39.89B HKD6.63
Beijing Properties (Holdings) Ltd2.64B HKD-38.5
China Resources Land Ltd155.25B HKD8.649
Overseas Chinese Town (Asia) Holdings Ltd1.92B HKD4.989
Far East Horizon Ltd29.12B HKD9.674
China Vanke Co Ltd26.76B HKD10.111
China Overseas Property Holdings Ltd4.60B HKD28
Beijing Capital Land Ltd3.64B HKD3.829
China Huarong Asset Management Co Ltd79.39B HKD6.195
Yanlord Land Group3.60B SGD7.567
Minmetals Land Ltd3.21B HKD10.667
Guangzhou R&F Properties Co Ltd12.34B HKD5.021
Shenwan Hongyuan (HK) Ltd2.48B HKD22.286
China Everbright Ltd29.62B HKD8.879
BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Ltd366.88B HKD6.535
Ping An Insurance (Group) Co of China Ltd372.40B HKD12.564
CITIC Ltd356.06B HKD16.32
Guotai Junan International Holdings Ltd17.46B HKD17.857
Beijing Capital Juda Ltd2.39B HKD27.264
China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co Ltd82.83B HKD18.886
Huarong International Financial Holdings Ltd10.41B HKD145
Yintech Investment Holdings Limited723.98M USD7.752
Zuoli Kechuang Micro-finance Co Ltd285.00M HKD6.962
Quanzhou Huixin Micro-credit Co Ltd318.60M HKDN/A
Bank of Zhengzhou Co Ltd7.10B HKD5.081
BOC Aviation Ltd27.59B HKD7.971
China International Capital Corporation Ltd26.20B HKD14.692
Perennial Real Estate Holdings1.44B SGDN/A
Bank of Jinzhou Co Ltd22.60B HKD5.562
The People's Insurance Co (Group) of China Ltd29.14B HKD8.64
Shenzhen Investment Ltd27.61B HKD7.521
China Taiping Insurance Holdings Co Ltd73.14B HKD24.518
New China Life Insurance Co Ltd42.45B HKD21.618
Chong Hing Bank Ltd10.77B HKD11.716
China Zheshang Bank Co Ltd15.98B HKD6.857
PICC Property and Casualty Co Ltd59.89B HKD9.463
China Mining International Ltd71.88M SGD-8.386
First Sponsor784.45M SGD62.545
Bank of Tianjin Co Ltd9.32B HKD4.787
China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd74.71B HKD4.961
Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Co Ltd13.39B HKD5.787
Bank of Chongqing Co Ltd9.87B HKD4.822
Harbin Bank Co Ltd6.89B HKD4.557
China Jinmao Holdings Group Ltd26.15B HKD7.903
China Merchants Bank Co Ltd108.81B HKD8.542
Huishang Bank Corporation Ltd11.95B HKD5.635
China Life Insurance Co Ltd188.63B HKD45.499
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd1873.00B HKD5.852
China Construction Bank Corporation1553.09B HKD6.175
Agricultural Bank of China Ltd115.27B HKD5.996
China Life Insurance Company Limited95.57B USD45.645
Bank of China Ltd325.29B HKD6.002
China Minsheng Banking Corp Ltd56.10B HKD5.602
Hengtai Securities Co Ltd1.36B HKD11.03
China Everbright Bank Co Ltd175.39B HKD5.22
Bank of Communications Co Ltd210.42B HKD5.873
Guolian Securities Co Ltd1.78B HKD8.397
Global Logistic Properties Ltd13.69B SGD15.106
Red Star Macalline Group Corporation Ltd8.91B HKD6.353
Yuexiu Property Co Ltd15.87B HKD18.762
China Merchants Land Ltd7.36B HKD65.96
China Overseas Grand Oceans Group Ltd9.29B HKD10.436
Southwest Securities International Securities Ltd610.30M HKDN/A
Net Pacific Financial Holdings Ltd29.44M SGD31.602
Beijing North Star Co Ltd2.29B HKD18.997
Xinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd309.73M USD4.246
Shougang Concord Grand (Group) Ltd662.66M HKD-8.267
Joy City Property Ltd17.08B HKD35.179
China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation11.89B HKD19.568
Poly Property Group Co Ltd11.72B HKD-4.103
Shanghai Industrial Holdings Ltd26.40B HKD9.067
Shengjing Bank Co Ltd9.83B HKD4.922
Sing Holdings Ltd140.35M SGD3.5
Ying Li International Real Estate Ltd342.64M SGD11.084
Shanghai Zendai Property Ltd1.74B HKD-1.95
Bank of Qingdao Co Ltd11.71B HKD11.018
Pan Hong90.72M SGD5.49
Hanhua Financial Holding Co Ltd760.50M HKD11.433
Legend Holdings Corporation8.82B HKD-42.102
China Commercial Credit Inc.39.70M USD-1.349
Pacific Special Acquisition Corp.25.96M USD-43.333
Nam Tai Property Inc.291.72M USD-33.333
Cinda International Holdings Ltd615.36M HKD-96
Guangdong Land Holdings Ltd2.94B HKD-17.2
China Ceramics Co. Ltd.3.85M USD-0.067
Min Xin Holdings Ltd3.47B HKD8.559
Silver Grant International Industries Ltd2.72B HKD-39.333
AVIC Joy Holdings (HK) Ltd731.08M HKD-4.1
Postal Savings Bank of China Co Ltd93.72B HKDN/A
China Development Bank International Investment Ltd769.03M HKDN/A
China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co Ltd6.74B HKD19.055
Qingdao Holdings International Ltd414.17M HKD-41.5
Guangdong Join-Share Financing Guarantee Invest Co Ltd421.92M HKD10.554
Wins Finance Holdings Inc.536.10M USD43.852
Holly Futures Co Ltd410.00M HKD24.039
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